Healthy, Hearty Winter Soups to Keep You Warm

Nothing keeps you toasty in the winter like a bowl of soup. Try these suggestions for meals that will warm you from the inside out.

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When it’s snowing, nothing sounds better than a satisfying, comforting soup. Here are our suggestions for some surefire soups to warm those cold winter nights.

Bone Broth

There’s a reason bone broth is all the rage: In addition to being inexpensive, bone broth is great for you and tastes delicious. Bone broth made from chicken bones can actually help calm the side effects of flus, colds, and respiratory infections. See? Your mom was right about the benefits of chicken soup.

Plus, bone broth contains collagen and may increase collagen in your body (though there haven’t been significant studies on this yet). The best part is that really all you need is bones, veggies, and some apple cider vinegar. This recipe will walk you through it.

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Beef Stew

If there’s anything heartier than stew, we haven’t discovered it yet. This age-old staple is beloved the world over, and for good reason: It’s delicious, easy, and filling. It’s also an easy way to get a heaping serving of vegetables in without having to make a separate dish. And you’ll reap benefits like iron from the beef. We recommend following the New York Time’s lead for their take on this classic.

Bean and Vegetable Soup 

It’s important to keep on top of your nutrient intake during winter, as lack of sun means less vitamin D and fewer fresh fruits means less vitamin C. This soup is packed with nutrients, from iron and vitamin C in the kale, to vitamin A in the carrots.

Plus, beans are an excellent source of protein—and cheese is an excellent source of happiness. Grab some root vegetables, spices, chicken stock, and whip up a batch of this delicious soup.

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Butternut Squash Soup

If you’re a bit short on ingredients, butternut squash soup is to the rescue. All you need is squash, ginger, and a dollop of sour cream. Butternut squash has loads of health benefits and we’re all about this delicious wonder. Of course, for the best version, we need to consult the queen: See Martha Stewart’s recipe.

There are thousands of soup recipes out there, so if none of the above inspire you, a quick Pinterest search will yield enough delicious ideas to last you through the winter. Whichever soup you choose, you can rest assured knowing they’re delicious and nutritious.

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