Ways to Spread Hope in the World

We can each make the world a kinder, brighter place with our everyday actions. Here are some ideas to inspire you to make a difference.

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We can each make the world a kinder, brighter place with our everyday actions. And as connected to technology as we are in this day and age, it's even more important to remember that the most fulfilling relationships are the ones that surround us. So, put down your phone and have a face-to-face conversation with someone you care about. You'll make the world a better place by doing so. Here are some ideas to inspire you to make a difference, even in the smallest ways.

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Share something hopeful

Tell someone about a charitable cause that's doing good work. Post or share an upbeat news story.

Say "I believe in you"

Encourage someone who's working toward a goal. Let them know that you see them succeeding.

Reach out to someone who seems to be struggling

Ask, "What can I do now to help and support you?" Let them know you care and you're there to listen.

Offer a helping hand 

Maybe you know a family caregiver or elderly neighbor who could use help with tasks or errands.

Connect with a friend face-to-face 

Online friends are fine, but it's not the same as giving real hugs or taking soup to someone who's sick.

Express regret

If you're truly sorry for something you said or did to someone, apologize. Take responsibility without excuses.

Do acts of kindness

Hold the door for someone. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee. Leave extra coins at the laundry. Donate used books to a shelter or nursing home.

Expect good things to happen

You'll feel more optimistic and hopeful—and that's sure to lift up those around you too.

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