7 Clever Ways to Sneak In a Workout

Seriously, you can get in shape while watching TV without watching exercise videos.

  Mom and daughter getting a workout in before school, clever ways to sneak in a workout 

Turn up the TV…and the heat

Body heat, that is. And seriously, you can get in shape while watching TV without watching lame exercise videos. A bunch of clever people have invented themed workouts for just about every television show and many movies. Watch an episode of Bob’s Burgers and do 20 bicep curls every time someone says the word “burger.” Or do 15 crunches every time someone on The Office looks into the camera.

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Lean and clean

You’ll need to clean your home sometime this week in order to keep from looking like you’ve just given up on life, so you may as well burn calories while doing it. Check out this great idea for getting in a cardio workout while you clean. Get in shape and tidy up! It’s a win-win!

Fit in 15

You've been waiting all morning for that break, and when it comes, how will you use those 15 minutes of freedom? One of your daily work breaks is a great time to sneak in a quick workout.

Stoplight stretch

You spend a ton of your life in your car, so make the most of it. We feel like it goes without saying you probably shouldn’t attempt a weightlifting workout on your commute. However, there are stretches and other exercises you can do at stop lights or in heavy traffic. Use your brain as well as your muscles here: Don’t get into an accident for the sake of getting fit.

Before work workout

No one wants to wake up early. So asking that we get up even earlier is a huge deal. However, even getting up five minutes earlier for a five-minute yoga stretch can do wonders for your day. And if you’re feeling even more ambitious, check out this full before-work workout

Get stable 

Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your health, but there’s something you can do to mitigate the damage while strengthening your core: Get a stability ball. They’re way more fun than an office chair, and you’ll find yourself engaging your back and core more often. Plus it'll add some variety to your workout

Child’s play

Play with your kids! Chase them around, lift them up, and play endless games of airplane. You’ll burn calories and end up with healthier, happier kids who are grateful you’re paying attention to them. Much cheaper than a gym.

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There you go! Seven sneaky ways to get fit with a busy schedule. And the best part is none of it has to be boring.

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