Turn Your Bowl into a Super Bowl

Make game day a winner with these super foods.

 Superbowl Infographic



Super Salads

It’s a snap! Toss together these simple salads:

Berry Avocado Salad with Quinoa
Kale, blueberries, raspberries, avocado, feta cheese, almonds, and quinoa, served with a lime poppy seed dressing1

Sriracha-lime Chicken Chopped Salad
Chicken, sriracha, pineapple, tomato, red onion, avocado, and lime2

Pro Popcorn Bowls

Tackle your food! Zest up your popcorn with waistline-friendly combos:

Garlic-Parmesan Popcorn
Unsalted butter, minced garlic, parmesan, cayenne pepper, and salt

Spicy Popcorn
Unsalted Butter, salt, paprika, and chili powder3

Souper Bowls

It’s a hail Mary! Serve your fans a healthy and hearty soup:

Greek Lemon Chicken
Chicken, couscous, garlic, lemon, and onion4

Gridiron Grub

No Fumbling! Tackle these healthy snack alternatives:

Black Bean Salsa
Tomato, Jalapeño, corn, red onion, cilantro, and black beans6

Chicken Nuggets
Chicken, almond flour, shredded coconut, garlic and onion powder, one egg, and coconut oil7

Touch down!


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