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Are You Making Utah Healthier? You Could Receive $2,500

SelectHealth is accepting applications for its annual Select 25 award.

Green River, working outside to clean up a yard

SelectHealth is Excited to Help Those That Are Helping Others

We are accepting applications for the 2017 Select 25 award through February 20, 2017.  We will reward 25 individuals or organizations with $2,500 for making a healthy difference in Utah.

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“It’s an honor to assist other organizations who share a similar goal of improving health throughout Utah,” said SelectHealth President and CEO, Pat Richards. “We’re excited to help those who have found a way to make life better for those around them.”

Winners are selected from all areas of Utah. Last year’s winners represented a wide variety of causes including a backpack program for children who go hungry on the weekend, service dogs for disabled veterans, and a community garden.

If you or someone you know is working to promote health and wellness, serve a special population, create safe environments, or build strong neighborhoods, you’re encouraged to apply for a Select 25 award at select25.org.

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