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10 Productive Things to Do While Watching TV

Make your TV time efficient by adding one of these activities to go along with it.

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We’re all guilty of it—binge watching TV. But let’s be honest, it’s a nice way to unwind from your daily tasks. Certain shows (insert your favorite here) can be addictive and before you know it, you’ve watched three or four episodes in one sitting. These activities will help you feel, perhaps, less guilty about your TV time.

1. Stretch

Doctors recommend stretching daily to avoid injuries and increase blood flow to your muscles. WebMD says stretching keeps your hips and hamstrings flexible as you age. In addition, it can provide relief to muscles that get sore from exercise or inactivity. It’s common to stretch before and after a workout, but you gain benefits from stretching at any time.

2. Fold or iron the laundry

Why not make a monotonous task more enjoyable by watching a favorite TV show while completing a must do?

3. Exercise

You’ve likely done this one before, but it can really add up. From simple calf raises, air squats, and push-ups to more elaborate, sweat-inviting workouts, your living room is a great place to log some extra activity. How many calories would you burn if you worked out every time you watched TV? There’s only one way to find out.

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4. Give your significant other a back or foot rub

What an excellent way to help your partner relax and wind down. Plus, if the act is reciprocated, then you’ve won in two ways—giving and receiving. 

5. Organize your email

Instead of just checking your email, clean it out. Organize things into folders. Delete junk mail. Once things are organized the way you like them, consider sending short emails to friends or colleagues in your address book telling them you’re thinking of them.

6. Prepare a healthy lunch for the next day

Did you know the average American eats out twice a week for lunch and spends about $11 per outing? That’s approximately $1,000 per year on lunches and doesn’t take into account the quality of food you are consuming. You can easily prepare some food while the TV is on.

7. Clean

Some of what you watch won’t have commercials, but when you’re forced to sit through them, quickly run your vacuum. If you don’t have commercials, dust or sweep so you can still hear and see the show while cleaning your house.

8. Test your balance

See how long you can balance on one foot. This will help strengthen your legs and core. You can do variations with extending one leg to the side or lifting the leg in an “L” shape in front of you.

9. Pay bills

It may not be fun, but it’s a productive use of time. Since it has to be done anyway, write your checks or pay your bills online while you watch your favorite show.

10. Create a grocery list

It’s easy to make a quick list while watching TV. If you make grocery lists instead of walking up and down each aisle, you are less likely to buy impulsively and blow your grocery budget.

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