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7 Festive Activities to do Before the New Year

Looking to get festive between now and the new year? You might not know about some of these fun activities along the Wasatch Front.

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From lights galore to other Christmas activities, there’s no shortage of holiday things to do in Utah. We’ve put together a quick list of activities you may enjoy this season along the Wasatch Front. 

1. Midway Ice Castles

Get ready for an adventure. There are only eight other attractions like this across the United States. Be prepared to pay per person. The ice castles will open Dec. 29 (weather permitting), according to the website.

2. Luminaria

You may have seen friends who posted about it on social media. Luminaria is a full-blown Christmas light experience at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. View ticket prices and hours of operation on their website.

3. The Lights at Temple Square

Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City always puts on a heartwarming Christmas presentation. Its grounds are covered with lights until the new year so enjoy an evening of fun. There is no fee to see the lights, but you should plan to spend a small amount on parking.

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4. Christmas Village in Ogden

Hundreds of people visit Ogden each year to enjoy the Christmas Village. Enjoy lights, shopping, and many more activities for families. Full details on pricing and location are available on the Ogden website.  

5. Spanish Fork Festival of Lights

Looking for some fun south of Salt Lake? The Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork has activities for families of all ages. You pay per vehicle.

6. Zoo Lights

Enjoy the experience of Hogle Zoo mixed with Christmas lights. This activity doesn’t need to take up an entire evening, but can be fun for everyone. See hours and pricing on their website.  

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7. This Is the Place Heritage Park

Heritage Park is home to the Candlelight Christmas event. From Monday to Saturday, you can enjoy a variety of activities and performances during the evening hours. Make sure you check this off your bucket list before Christmas Eve. See hours and pricing on their website.

Regardless of how you plan to spend the holidays, we hope you find time to enjoy the spirit of Christmas with the people you love. Don’t forget to check out our other healthy living articles.


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