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16 Scenarios Every Cyclist Can Relate To

Cycling is more than just exercise to you, it’s become a lifestyle. These scenarios will make you laugh because they’re so relatable.

 Kristin Armstrong biking with a GoPro 

Cyclists come in different shapes, sizes, and personalities, but there a few things that bond the bike lovers together and unite them all. If you aren’t one, you probably know one and have realized that they are a rare breed of athlete.

Cyclists deal with careless drivers, are out in extreme heat or frigid temperatures, and climb slopes the rest of the world only thinks about ascending if a motorized vehicle is involved. It’s time members of this group got some long-deserved attention.

Some of these scenarios are humorous, others are unfortunate—regardless of the nature, cyclists can relate to most, if not all of them.


It happens to every cyclist

  • You ride by a building with windows and quickly check yourself out (everybody does it)
  • You see a red traffic signal and try to time your arrival perfectly so that you don’t have to unclip before it turns green
  • You try to avoid it, but nevertheless end up inhaling diesel exhaust (somehow this seems to happen when you’re entirely out of breath and need oxygen stat)
  • You have the same song stuck in your head for five miles
  • You try to greet a passing cyclist and get nothing in return… Awkward
  • There’s always that one car that comes too close for comfort
  • You blow a tire and realize you didn’t grab an extra tube

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If there is anyone who knows cycling, it’s the most decorated female cyclist in U.S. history, Kristin Armstrong. She shared a few of her own thoughts and experiences with us.

  • We have all become a bit too familiar “uh oh, (fill in the blank) just stole QOM from me;” it motivates me to get back out every time
  • Have you set up your Avatar on Zwift? If not, get with the time
  • There is nothing worse than when you are out for a long ride and you “bonk” with no stores remotely close
  • You can never have too many bikes—road, CX, TT, fixie, commuter, cruiser, MTB, fat tire, BMX, etc. There is a purpose for each, ya know
  • If only cyclists were paid for every great idea that came on a ride
  • That moment when you’re riding alone in the country and see a few barking dogs ahead, you either turn around and ride like the wind or you grab your water bottle hoping that spraying water at them will do the trick; regardless, your heart is pounding out of your chest
  • The number of times you have a “close call” when a truck passes inches from you after failing to realize that the trailer is six to 12 inches wider than the truck
  • When the car that just passed you slowly begins to drift into the bike lane—breathe, just breathe
  • The immediate need for a “nature break” and trying to time it so that you don’t get caught, shhh

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Every cyclist has his or her own story, but these scenarios occur enough to have made our list. If you think we missed something, leave a comment below.

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