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13 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Day

Positive thinking can have a big impact on mental and physical health. Be sure you’re telling yourself these things every day.

 Girl on the Grass

You’ve heard the saying before, and it probably resonates more than you’d like to admit: “You are your own worst critic.” From work to sports and friendships to true love, it’s not uncommon to be hard on yourself. As a result, everyone could use a bit more positive self-talk.

According to WebMD, “Self-talk can affect your perspective. It can boost you up or take you down.” Here are 13 phrases you should be telling yourself daily.

1.       Today is going to be a great day

Starting your day with a positive outlook and mentality will help you maintain it. When adversity strikes—and it will—you’ll be better prepared to shrug it off and keep looking at the glass as half full.

2.       I am thankful for life

Gratitude makes life better. Tell yourself daily that you’re grateful for your life.

3.       I can make a difference

Big things happen by people just like you taking small steps to make a difference. Even if it’s just smiling or complimenting more people each day, you can make a positive difference in the world.

4.       My past does not define me

Made mistakes in your life? So has everybody else. Move forward. Don’t dwell in the past.

5.       People do change

Remember the last point? Each of us is a living testament that people can change. Hope for the best in others and treat them how you’d like to be treated.

6.       Things aren’t always as they appear

Your social media accounts may trick you into thinking that everyone you know just bought a new car, had a great vacation, or bought a new house. That’s simply not true. Remember that things aren’t always as they appear, and comparing yourself to others is not a rewarding way to live.

7.       I am doing my best

Perfection just isn’t an option, but doing your best is. So do that.

8.       I am strong

This has nothing to do with how many push-ups or pull-ups you can do. It has everything to do with how strong you are as a person. How do you react to adversity? Do you challenge yourself? Chances are, you are stronger than you think and have overcome some incredibly difficult things. Try telling yourself, “I can do hard things,” or “I can do this.”

9.       I am capable of reaching my goals

Setting goals is a key to success. Regardless of what success looks like to you, making goals and reminding yourself that you can achieve them is essential.

10.   Others don’t define who I am

You define who you are by your actions and thoughts. Outside influences, no matter how close to you they are, don’t define you.  

11.   I don’t have all the information

It’s extremely common to jump right to a conclusion when you’re presented with information. You may ask yourself, “How could so-and-so say such a thing? How did this happen?” Sounding familiar yet? Before reacting, take a deep breath—you probably don’t have all the information.

12.   I am loved

Sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself of this, but it’s absolutely true. Someone loves you dearly.

13.   Life goes on

Some things are in your control, while others aren’t. Don’t fret the small things or the uncontrollable. Be resilient and remind yourself frequently that life goes on.

 Kristin Armstrong 

Self-talk is important in everyday life and is often used as a practice by professional athletes. In an exclusive interview with SelectHealth, professional cyclist, Kristin Armstrong, said, “I use self-talk quite often. Self-talk keeps me focused on the task at hand, which in turns keeps my mind from wandering and I become accountable.”

Armstrong continued, “Some of my favorite things to say include, ‘Are you hurting? Can you go any harder? Can you sleep with this result? It’s up to you and only you! Give it your all!’” Armstrong said that these types of phrases constantly run through her mind while training.

She also is a firm believer that if you have a positive mindset, your body will follow. Armstrong has developed a deep belief in herself but also seeks to surround herself with positive people and positive energy.

Whether you are training to meet fitness goals or want to transform your overall well-being, positive self-talk can help you get there. Start with the phrases listed above and remember, you can do it!

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