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“Fore” Health Benefits of Golf

Many of us would enjoy golfing more and working less. Here are “fore” reasons to do it.

 Golf ball and club 

September is a lovely time to golf in Utah and Idaho. Temperatures are typically pleasant and with 133 golf courses to choose from in Utah and 128 across Idaho, as residents of these states we have ample opportunities to play the game.

Golf is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and it’s good for mental health. Read on “fore” health benefits that come from golf.


1.       Get more steps in, burn some calories

It may be more fun to ride in the cart, but according to a study by the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences, walking a 9-hole course has some seriously great health effects. The study indicates these averages:

  •   Walking the course while carrying your own bag = 721 calories burned
  •   Walking the course while using a pull-cart for your bag = 718 calories burned
  •   Walking the course while using a caddy for your bag = 613 calories burned
  •   Riding in a golf cart = 411 calories burned

 Golf Course

2.       Reduce stress, good for mental health

Golf, like other forms of exercise, releases endorphins that are natural stress and pain fighters. Golf also gives you exposure to the sun, allowing you to soak up vitamin D and reduce the risk of depression.

Golf courses are also usually beautifully landscaped and some studies have shown that being in nature has many health benefits, both for the body and mind. Studies also have shown that exposure to nature can reduce anxiety, stress, and relax the body.

 Dad and Son walking

3.       Foster and strengthen relationships

You may enjoy golfing with your spouse, friends, or colleagues from work. Regardless of who you’re with, golf provides an environment whereby relationships can be strengthened. A major hotel chain conducted research with global executives and 93 percent said golf helped them establish a closer relationship. Another 33 percent said some of the biggest deals they’ve made have happened on the golf course.

Next time you go out to hit the links, consider walking the course not only to get in those extra calorie-burning steps, but to take in the moment and create some valuable memories with friends.

 Little Kid

4.       Set goals and challenge yourself

We can all benefit from a challenge that pushes us to continually improve. Golf is a game that takes years to master, and even then, it’s still challenging. Golf gives you an opportunity to set personal goals and compete against yourself as well as others.

It requires physical ability and mental toughness. As a result, you can learn patience, self-control, and to manage your emotions. Now with these health benefits in mind, perhaps it’s time to work a bit less and play a bit more.

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