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Light Buttermilk Lemon Bundt Cake

In addition to being lemony, light, and refreshing, this cake travels well. Take it to your next barbecue or family outing.

Healthy recipes, buttermilk lemon bundt cake from Chef Mary

Buttermilk Lemon Bundt Cake

Yield: 16 servings.

1 yellow cake mix made with pudding in the mix         
3 eggs
2 tbsp. unrefined cold pressed virgin coconut oil
1 cup low fat buttermilk
½ cup fresh lemon juice    
2 tsp. real lemon extract 
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. grated lemon zest (optional)

1. Lightly spray a Bundt cake pan with cooking spray, dust with flour. If using a nonstick pan, spread 1 tsp. vegetable oil over surface and dust with flour. Note: You can use a 99% less residue no-stick baking spray with flour on all baking pans. This product will not damage nonstick surfaces.

2. Preheat oven to 325 F. Pour cake mix into a large bowl. In a smaller bowl, whisk together oil, buttermilk eggs, lemon juice, extracts, and zest until combined.  

3. Add liquid ingredients to the cake mix. Using an electric mixer on medium speed blend all ingredients together for 2 minutes. Do not over mix.

4. Once the cake has cooled to room temperature, pipe, drizzle, or spoon frosting evenly over top of cake.Pour batter into pan and smooth out top.

5. Bake for 34-38 minutes or until you can insert a toothpick into cake and it comes out clean. Remove cake from oven and let it cool in the pan for 15 minutes. After it has cooled, carefully invert the cake pan onto a serving plate. 

Lemon Frosting

2 ¼ cups powdered sugar
3 tbsp. 1/3-less fat cream cheese
1 to 2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. lemon extract

Light and Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes

Using an electric mixer, beat all ingredients together except for 1 tbsp. lemon juice 
on high speed until smooth. Add 1 to 3 tsp. fresh lemon juice to mixture to reach desired consistency.  

Nutritional Information:

240 Calories; 6.5g Fat; 3g Protein; 42g Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; 43mg Cholesterol; 254mg Sodium. 

High-Fat and Calorie Version:

400 Calories; 18g Fat; 60g Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; 57mg Cholesterol; 289mg Sodium.


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