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Healthy kids make better students

B3: Brain Body Boost is a school-based physical activity program that brings health education into the classroom while motivating students to be active!

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Blast off with B3

Teachers have a lot on their plates, especially with the state requirements for health education. SelectHealth has created B3: Brain Body Boost to support 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teachers and students with an online program that includes lesson plans and activities that meet the State's health education requirements. When teachers participate and utilize the lesson plans, they can earn free school supplies to stock their classrooms.

Students get involved by accessing their personal profile and logging their minutes of physical activity each day. With provided curriculum, free school supplies, and student competition to encourage participation, B3 is a win-win for everyone involved.

Getting started

Teachers sign up online and create their own B3 profile. This provides access to lesson plans, activities, and resources that align with the Utah Health Education Curriculum, set forth by the State Board of Education. Once signed up, teachers can add students to their classroom through data upload, or manual input. Each student will be provided with a username and will have the opportunity to create their own password. They can get involved by participating in active lesson plans and doing their own activity before and after school. These minutes are recorded in their online profile using the daily tracker. Students are also encouraged to set a weekly activity goal and reach that by getting active each day.

How does it work?

B3: Brain Body Boost is aligned with the six health strands of the Utah Health Education Curriculum. Each of these strands are shown in the teacher's profile and have an associated checklist with ten items. To access the checklist, teachers simply enroll in their chosen strand and start teaching.

Checklist items act as a guide to help teachers follow required curriculum, help students get moving, improve classroom focus, and provide additional resources and ideas specific to each strand.

Teachers have 30 days to complete at least seven of the ten checklist items and earn 25 points to be redeemed for school supplies for the classroom. Each completed checklist means more points earned, with a possible total of 150 points throughout the program.

By completing at least four of the six checklists, teachers and their classes become eligible for grand prizes. These are awarded to the classroom with the most physical activity minutes, with a first, second, and third place prize.


Email us at b3@selecthealth.org!