Plan Contracts

Individual & Family

Search for your Individual Plans Medical Contract. You’ll need your Product ID, which you can find on the last page of your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). No SBC? You can look up your SBC using your plan name.

Small Employer Plan Certificates of Coverage


2018 HMO
2018 Med Plus
2017 HMO
2017 Med Plus



Large Employer Plan Certificates of Coverage


2017 HMO
2017 Med Plus
2017 OOA Plus
2017 HMO SelectHealth Share
2016 HMO SelectHealth Share
2016 Care, Med, and Value
2016 Care Plus, Out of Area
2016 Med Plus


2016 SelectHealth Network

FEHB Plan Documents 

FEHB Member Guide
2018 FEHB Brochure
2018 High Option SBC
2018 Standard Option SBC
2017 FEHB Brochure
2017 High Option SBC
2017 Standard Option SBC
FEHB Dependent Address Change Form
Flu Flyer
Tobacco Flyer
Deemed Exhaustion
Uniform Glossary
NAIC and Coordination of Benefits

Self Funded Plans

If you’re on a self funded plan, you’ll need to contact your Human Resources manager for plan information.