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Healthy kids make better students

STEP Express is a free program designed to help students work toward a healthier lifestyle through classroom lesson plans, physical activity, and a fitness challenge.

Step into STEP Express

You know the drill: Eat healthy, do your homework, and stay fit. So, why are the rates of childhood obesity rising? The simple answer is today’s youth are not getting the proper nutrition and exercise they need to be fit. That is why we decided to partner with local school districts to create STEP Express—a free program to help students live their healthiest lives possible. Plus, research shows kids who are active are more likely to have improved concentration, be more attentive, and earn higher grades.

Note: Mahar, Matthew T; et al. Effects of a classroom-based program on physical activitiy and on-task behavior. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Utah Department of Health, 2007, Accessed May2017 <http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/551022>.

How does it work?

Teachers from participating schools use prepared lessons plans and physical education activities to teach their students healthy lifestyles. We donate all of the equipment and supplies, and to encourage the kids—there are challenges with prizes to be won!

STEP Express contains three main parts:

1. Fitness Challenge

Students participate in physical activity for eight weeks. The school with the highest amount of physical activity will win a grand prize. The fitness challenge begins and ends with an assessment adapted from the President’s Fitness Challenge.

Since the trackers must be submitted by May 1 to be eligible for a prize, it is recommended to start the program no later than March 1. Registration for STEP Express is due by January 31.

2. Lesson Plans

These lesson plans cover the entire grade physical education state core curriculum as well as parts of the health education core. Do these lessons at your own pace. They do not have to be completed on a specific time table or concurrent with the eight-week Fitness Challenge.

3. Physical Education Activities

The activities cover the physical education state core curriculum. SelectHealth provides schools with all the needed equipment. Do these activities at your own pace. Although the activities coincide with the lesson plans, they do not need to be completed with them. The lesson plans and PE activities can be done anytime during the school year. The lesson plans also can be done separately from the PE activities.


Email us at stepexpress@selecthealth.org