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Healthy kids make better students

Kids who are active are more likely to have improved concentration, be more attentive, and earn higher grades. But too many kids these days aren’t getting the exercise and nutrition they need to stay fit.

SelectHealth saw the need to do something about the alarming rates of childhood obesity. So, we partnered with local school districts to create STEP Express.

STEP Express is a free program designed to help 4th-grade students work toward a healthier lifestyle through classroom lesson plans, physical activity, and a fitness challenge. We focused on 4th-grade because, according to the Utah Department of Health, in 2008 there was a dramatic increase in the percentage of overweight or obese students between the 3rd and 5th grades.

If you have questions about STEP Express, e-mail stepexpress@selecthealth.org.

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Sources: Michigan State University and Utah Department of Health

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