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This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.
SelectHealth understands the importance and sensitivity of your health information. We protect the privacy of your health information because that is the right thing to do. We also follow federal and state laws that govern the use of your health information. We use your health information in written, oral and electronic format (and allow others to have it) only as permitted by federal and state laws. These laws give you certain rights regarding your health information.
SelectHealth participates in organized healthcare arrangements (OHCAs) with other entities including but not limited to, Intermountain Healthcare entities, The Intermountain Life and Health Benefit Plan, and the University of Utah Medical Group (with respect to certain defined pediatric specialty services). These OHCA members share information for treatment, payment and healthcare operations to improve, manage and coordinate your care.


Learn more about OHCA activities and see a current list of all OHCA members.
Your Health Information Rights   
You may:
  • Review and get a paper copy of your policy or claims records as allowed by law, usually within 30 days of your request (you can also ask us to provide a copy in electronic form, and we will do that if we can readily produce it);

  • Request and be provided a paper copy of our current Notice of Privacy Practices, or receive an electronic copy by email if you have agreed to receive an electronic copy;

  • Ask us to contact you at a specific address or phone number if contacting you at your current address or phone number could endanger you;

  • Request and receive an accounting, as specified by law, of certain situations when your information was shared without your consent;

  • Receive a notice if SelectHealth or one of its Business Associates causes a breach of your unsecured information.

  • ​Report a privacy concern and be assured that SelectHealth will investigate your concern thoroughly, supporting you appropriately, and not retaliate against you in any way (in fact, SelectHealth will provide you with information on how to report any privacy concerns to the SelectHealth Privacy Coordinator, the Intermountain Corporate Privacy Office, or the Office for Civil Rights, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services); and

  • Request in writing other restrictions on the use of your health information or amendments to your health information if you think it is wrong, though SelectHealth may not always be able to grant those requests.
How Your Health Information is used
1.      Common Uses of Health Information.
As we provide health insurance benefits, we will gather some of your health information. The law allows us to use or share this health information for the following purposes.

  •  To receive payment of health coverage premiums and to determine and fulfill SelectHealth’s responsibility to provide you benefits.  For example, to make coverage determinations, administer claims, and coordinate benefits with other coverage you may have.

  • To improve the overall Intermountain system as well as to help better manage your care. For example, Intermountain has programs in place to manage the treatment of chronic conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, and as part of these programs, we share information with affiliated providers and Intermountain Healthcare to facilitate improved coordination of the care you may receive for these conditions

  •  To support health care providers in providing treatment.

  • To share in limited circumstances health information with your plan sponsor. However, SelectHealth will only do so if the plan sponsor specifically requests health information for the administration of your health plan and agrees in writing not to use your health information for employment-related actions or decisions. To identify health-related services that may be beneficial to your health and then contact you about these services.

  • To request your support for improving healthcare by contributing to one of Intermountain’s charitable foundations. (If you don’t want to be contacted for this purpose or other fundraising communications, call Intermountain’s Privacy Office at 1-800 442-4845 to let us know).

  • To improve our services to you by allowing companies with whom we contract, called “business associates,” to perform certain specialized work for us. The law requires these business associates to protect your health information and obey the same privacy laws that we do.

  • To perform a very limited, specific type of health-related research, where the researcher keeps any patient-identifiable information safe and confidential. Intermountain reviews every research request to make sure your privacy is appropriately protected before sharing any health information.

  •  To law enforcement, but only as authorized by law, i.e., to investigate a crime against SelectHealth or any of its members. 
2.      Required Uses of Health Information
The law sometimes requires us to share information for specific purposes, including the following:
  • To the Department of Health to report communicable diseases, traumatic injuries, or birth defects, or for vital statistics, such as a baby’s birth;

  • To a funeral director or an organ-donation agency when a patient dies, or to a medical examiner when appropriate to investigate a suspicious death;
  • To state authorities to report child or elderly abuse;

  • To law enforcement;

  • To a correctional institution, if a member is an inmate, to ensure the correctional institution’s safety;

  • To the Secret Service or NSA to protect, for example, the country or the President;

  • To a medical device’s manufacturer, as required by the FDA, to  monitor the safety of a medical device;

  • To court officers, as required by law, in response to a court order or a valid subpoena;

  • To governmental authorities to prevent serious threats to the public’s health or safety;

  • To governmental agencies and other affected parties, to report a breach of health-information privacy;

  • To a worker’s compensation program if a person is injured at work and claims benefits under that program.
3.      Uses According to Your Requests.
Your preferences matter. If you let us know how you want us to disclose your information in the following situation, we will follow your directions.
  • You decide if you want us to share any health or payment information related to your care with your family members or friends. Please let our SelectHealth employees know what you want us to share. If you can’t tell us what health or payment information you want us to share, we may use our professional judgment to decide what to share with your family or friends for them to be able to help you.
4.      Uses with Your Authorization.
Any sharing of your health information, other than as explained above, requires your written authorization. For example, we will not use your health information unless you authorize us in writing to:
  •  share any of your health information with marketing companies;

  • or sell any of your health information.
You can change your mind at any time about sharing your health information. Simply notify SelectHealth in writing.  Please understand that we may not be able to get back health information that was shared before you changed your mind.
5.      Special Legal Protections for Certain Health Information

  • SelectHealth complies with federal laws that require extra protection for your health information if you receive treatment in an addiction treatment program, or from a psychotherapist who keeps notes on your therapy that are kept outside of your regular medical record.

  • SelectHealth is prohibited from using or disclosing genetic information for underwriting purposes. ​

If You Still Have Questions
SelectHealth’s Privacy Coordinator can help you with any questions you may have about the privacy of your health information. He can also address any privacy concerns you may have about your health information and can help you fill out any forms that are needed to exercise your privacy rights.
This privacy notice became effective on March 26, 2013. We may change this privacy notice at any time, and we may use new ways to protect your health information. We always post our current privacy notice on our website at SelectHealth.org.
You can also obtain a copy of this notice from any of SelectHealth’s staff by asking for a copy by visiting our website, or by calling SelectHealth’s Privacy Office at (801) 442-7253.
This notice of privacy practices describes the practices of SelectHealth and of SelectHealth’s employees and volunteers. (For more information about the specific privacy practices of Intermountain Healthcare and its employees or volunteers working in its hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices or service departments, please contact them directly by visiting their website at intermountainhealthcare.org, or by calling Intermountain’s Privacy Office at (800) 442-4845.)

Privacy Practices on selecthealth.org
Public Information
- This site offers access to information on Intermountain and SelectHealth services and facilities, affiliated physicians, and other health-related content to anyone who accepts the Terms of Use. SelectHealth, through selecthealth.org, makes this information publicly available without the need for the user to disclose any personally identifiable information. When you access www.selecthealth.org, you are not required to register or otherwise provide any personal information.

Proprietary Information - In addition to the publicly available information, selecthealth.org also provides access to personal health-related information to those who provide the necessary information to make that possible. For example, in the "My Health" section, a user can view his or her personal online health records, provided that they have registered and logged in a user name and password. We do collect limited information relevant to your use of www.selecthealth.org, such as the number of visitors, site traffic reports, and path analysis. This information is not personally identifiable.

System Security - Intermountain has taken reasonable steps and has employed industry-standard practices and technology to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personally identifiable information; but because even the most secure computer system can be violated, Intermountain cannot guarantee security.

HIPAA Requirements - Protected health information associated with intermountainhealthcare.org and selecthealth.org is managed in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Accordingly, protected health information is not shared except as explained in the Notice of Privacy Practices above.

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