• Do You Need an ER or Urgent Care?

Need help finding a doctor? A member advocate can help.

Many people use the Emergency Room for conditions that may be more appropriately treated at an Intermountain InstaCare or doctor’s office. Our Member Advocates can help you find a doctor or an appointment.

Intermountain InstaCare Clinics

Intermountain InstaCare clinics have a staff of licensed doctors and registered nurses who can treat urgent conditions–those that are not life threatening but require medical attention within 24 hours.

No appointment is necessary. Most InstaCare facilities are open seven days a week and offer expanded hours.

Urgent Care for Kids

Intermountain KidsCare facilities offer after-hours urgent pediatric services for minor emergencies. Extended daily and weekend hours provide convenient access to quality medical care.

When to Use the ER

Emergency conditions exist when you think your life is in danger, part of your body may be permanently damaged, or you have a new onset of severe pain. These situations include:

If you experience any of these symptoms, go to the nearest ER or call 911.

You can call SelectHealth Member Advocates at 801-442-4993 (Salt Lake area) or 800-515-2220. You will get help scheduling an appointment with a specialist, finding a doctor who speaks a foreign language, or determining the best location and provider for your urgent care when your doctor is unavailable.

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